Welcome to The Social Campfire.

At Social Campfire, you’ll find a writer that is creative, artistic, and open, with a technical edge. I’m a writer, marketer, business woman, and sociology and psychology enthusiast, a history fan, a tech junkie, involved in the world and advocacy, and an effective digital marketing evangelist. I’m interested in how people, communities, politics, art, and innovation come together to make an impact on the human experience, day by day, year by year, in constant evolution. I’m also interested in making a direct impact on that experience through my work and life.

We know that without the exploration of the arts and emotion, we cannot continue to evolve properly in the digital space. The human experience will always be intertwined with the Internet and Social Media. And because of that realization, our goal is to examine and celebrate this phenomenon for the rest of our lives.

Thanks for visiting the thought community at We look forward to learning and growing with you.

To contact the Founder of The Social Campfire, Jessica Dawkins, please use this handy form:

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