4 Tools to Help Content Writers Recharge

creative writer's block

When the fireworks show ends and the confetti falls to the floor, Content Marketing pros are still writers in their purest form. 

the spark of digital marketing
Content Marketing is fancy for writing.

Whether you work at a marketing agency or freelance, it’s easy to get writer’s block and burnout, especially when your job includes 10 other sets of tasks and skill sets in addition to the gift of the pen.

How do you keep the creative writing juices flowing while working through the daily grind?

I’ve compiled a list of 4 tools that will help writers recharge.

1)One Word 

Also known by its URL, OneWord.com, this site is quick, easy, and rather random, which I find helps spark creativity, almost like a short meditation re-ignites the mind. Alternatively, you can use this site as a regular, daily exercise in order to keep your mind muscle flexed.

Each day, a random word is generated, and you have only 60 seconds to write about it. Once your minute is up, a bell will ding and you must finish your sentence. Your submission will join a list of other responses, which are also quite entertaining to read.

2)750 Words 

This site is my creative mainstay. Inspired by the book The Artist’s Way, this site is intended to be visited daily — in fact, as an added competitive edge, it keeps track of how many days you write per month, and badges are earned when milestones are achieved. The catch is you must write 750 words total or you don’t complete the day.

The best part about 750Words.com is the white screen interface that allows you to pour out whatever you are thinking, a mind dump, if you will — or you can choose to write a prompt — pretty much whatever you want. The bonus feature is the analytics roundup at the end that tells you if you are writing positively or negatively, what your post would be rated if it were a movie, and even which words you use the most.

3)Creative Writing Prompts – Writer’s Digest 

Never underestimate the Power of the Prompt. Since elementary school, there is no better way to get the creative juices flowing than with a random prompt. In contrast to many prompt sites that cater toward school kids, Writer’s Digest carries prompts that are complicated enough to draw in the sophisticated writer.


I was fed up with trying to find various Word docs containing all of my writing ideas. I caved with Penzu, a simplistic, streamlined blogging tool that allows me to mentally and physically separate my visible blogging from the ideas I want to explore. They are all saved in one spot, so I can feel free to write freely and then let it go, or go back to it to see if I can move on with the piece (or at least the idea).

What are your favorite tools to recharge you writing prowess? Comment below. 

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