Tweet Longer! Twitter Will Increase Character Limit for Direct Messages

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Have you heard? Twitter has made a big announcement regarding character limit in DMs: the 140 character limit will be increased, starting in July 2015.

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Express Yourself – DM Longer.

This month, Twitter staff recommends that application developers take a few actions in preparation for the longer DM text, although no one will be able to send longer DMs officially until the launch in July. If you have any further technical questions, you can contact development at @TwitterDev.

Customer service pros will undoubtedly benefit from the character increase, a task which is currently made difficult by the extremely short messages that must be sent one at a time once the 140-character limit is reached. Twitter brand and community managers will also fare well from the change, which makes communicating with users and prospects even easier than before. Now, instead of moving over to email, Twitter managers can handle issues or questions within the Twitter platform itself. Talk about a time-saver.

My prediction? Current DM strategy, including Automatic DMs, will change completely through 2015. 

It’s important to note that this change does not impact public tweets, which will still remain at 140 characters.

How will an increased DM count help you and your business? What would be the ideal word count that Twitter should release in July? Comment below! 

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