July 13th Blog Potpourri: The Social Campfire’s Latest Blog Posts and Client Projects

digital marketing work environment

Happy Monday! Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Here are some samples of what we’ve been whipping up in the digital space lately:

What’s the Best Margarita Recipe? 

This is a search favorite on Google, and in my opinion Margaritas are the perfect summer adult beverage. This blog for Cooks Innovations ponders the perfect margarita, and we add suggestions of our own.

margarita cocktail


What You Missed in June in the Medical Device, Medical Technology, and 3D Printing Sectors 

The link above is the newest Kapstone Medical blog for what surgeons and medical device professionals may have missed in the industry in June.

medical stethoscope

I’ve also been working on several blogs for the debut of a brand new spinal implant site. Stay tuned for that!

A Sample of Some Other Projects We’re Working On: 

  1. Website Content and SEO Analysis and Re-Vamp for a successful Contracting Firm looking to retain clients and grow awareness
  2. Healthcare Website Re-Vamp
  3. Summer Social Media Cookware Giveaway Contest
  4. Mailchimp Email Newsletter projects for a MedTech company
  5. SEO Analysis for a New England Contractor

Thanks for visiting! – Jess 

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