Content and Social Media Projects

Week of 9/14 Project Roundup – The Social Campfire

What a wonderful week of content, copywriting, and social media projects!

Here’s a snapshot of what Jessica and The Social Campfire have been working on for clients this week:

The natural, exciting and beautiful world of #TequilaCraft: 

Karma Tequila Social Media Post

Communications for the MedTech Industry: 

PR Web – Cutting Edge Spine Expands Executive Team (Press Release)

An Array of Content Management & Editing: 

Children Scoliosis Blog – Scoliosis in Babies

Dr. Michael E. Gomez Neurosurgery Blog – Neurosurgeon’s Guide to Good Posture 

Healthcare Blog Writing: 

Kapstone Medical – What You Missed Last Month in Medical Devices and 3D Printing for August 

ABCs of Graphic Design – Part I (Vial Momentum Healthcare Marketing Agency)

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