Press Release – The Social Campfire Launches Social Media, Content Marketing and Copywriting Services Nationwide

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The diverse, affordable, and client-focused Content Marketing, Copywriting and Social Media Marketing services company launched in early 2015 and, after local success, is immediately available in a digital format nationwide, serving agencies, business executives, and marketing teams in industries such as healthcare, B2B services, and luxury beverage brands.

Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Copywriting services firm The Social Campfire ( announces its nationwide business launch, and is ready to serve small and mid-size companies, marketing agencies, and marketing consultants with an array of content writing, copywriting, social media, and digital marketing services, both in the inbound and outbound, B2B and direct to consumer spaces.

Led by marketing and writing expert Jessica Dawkins, University of Central Florida alumna and a 2014 nominee for the Orlando Business Journal’s “Women to Watch Under 40” award, The Social Campfire is a pragmatic yet imaginative inbound marketing services company grounded in the latest data and trends in the industry, backed by proven success with a variety of brands and clients locally and across the country, and affordable for today’s agency, professional consultant, or small business.

“Most affordable marketing professionals don’t provide a proper return on investment for their clients. In terms of the knowledge, customer service, and execution experience that it takes to create a marketing plan or provide a quality project actually achieves results, businesses and agencies need a professional who will deliver affordable, effective services”, said Founder and President Jessica Dawkins. “Today’s online world is competitive and fast-paced, and The Social Campfire is committed to achieving faster and better results for its clients.”

The company’s pure online business structure, powered by the latest digital communication, social media, and content marketing tools, allows Jessica and The Social Campfire to build and manage comprehensive, focused, and customized digital marketing services for entities in a variety of industries across the US. The Social Campfire offers every element of content a business or agency needs to succeed in modern marketing, from blogs to press releases to website content, consulting, and even entire social media programs.

Dawkins’s and The Social Campfire’s easy-to-access style, laser-focused deadline execution, and customer-driven friendliness comes hand in hand with a command of the latest social media and content tools and software programs. This has made the company a client favorite across Central Florida and the United States.

About The Social Campfire
The Social Campfire is a Content Marketing, Copywriting and Social Media Marketing services firm led by Jessica Dawkins that provides comprehensive writing copy, content and social media services for both small businesses and marketing agencies in need of fuel-laden marketing. The Social Campfire is affordable and results-driven, based in Orlando, Florida, and serves companies nationwide. To learn more about The Social Campfire’s clients, projects, and services, and to begin with Jessica and TSC today, please visit

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