5 Holiday Gifts for Social Media Lovers

Do you have a social media marketing professional or Facebook fan in your life? I’m helping you find the perfect gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, and yes, even Festivus this year with the best present ideas specially curated by The Social Campfire.


Totes Comfy – Social Media Pillows

These Craftsquatch pillows are perfect for a social media company owner’s office. Line your space with the bright, whimsical Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest icons not-so-subtly adorning the couches and chairs. They’re even a safe bet for your college student’s dorm room. These social media “furniture jewels” really make a #statement.


Stamp It Out – Like and Dislike Facebook Stamps 

For the humorous and satirical, and especially those that want and/or need to stamp, these Facebook-themed Like and Dislike Stamps are great stocking stuffers for a goofy office dweller or to keep your kids busy with “experimental modern arts and crafts” at home. The set of two sells for $16.99 and they’re good for up to 5000 stamps each.

like dislike.jpg


Hashtag Everything – The Hashtag Chalkboard

There are a ton of hashtag themed signs and art prints, but this chalkboard hashtag sign takes the cake because you can wipe and re-write anytime the mood strikes. Simply designed with wood, paint, and indeed, chalkboard, any hashtag lover in your life has the freedom to change their offline bird call anytime they want.

hashtag sign.jpg

Cheap and Effective – Emoji Stickers 

In 2015 Merriam Webster hailed “Emoji” as the word of the year. And yes, they’re even bigger now. If you’re looking for a social media savvy Secret Santa gift, or something else to make the stocking look bigger, these Emoji stickers also bring the online-offline – so you never get away from social media – ever.

emoji stickers.jpg

Last But Not Least – Essential – The Selfie Stick

I first debuted selfie sticks as the show-stopping gift of 2015, and they are still relevant. If your social media loving loved-one doesn’t have a selfie stick yet, now is the time to pick one up. Say what you want about this controversial (and sometimes dangerous) social networking accessory, but if we’re talking about a true social media fanatic, they will never turn down a selfie stick for free. They’re all over the place, but I recommend The Official Selfie Stick. Really, as long as you’re gifting something that allows said social media fan to post more pictures of themselves and their activities, you’ve won the holidays.

selfie stick.jpg

Which one of these Social Media gifts would you love to get from a friend or family member for the holidays? Which one of them would you be most likely to gift to someone else? Comment with The Social Campfire community below!






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