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5 Holiday Gifts for Content Marketers and Copywriters

It’s time to get gifting – and the holidays are one of the best times of year to toast to a friend or family member’s profession with an amazing Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule or Festivus Gift! In my first installment of my Holiday Cheer Guide, I showed you my picks for the Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Social Media lovers. Today, I’m continuing the spirited Social Campfire tradition with holiday gifts that your favorite Content Marketing or Copywriting pro will not only enjoy but use all year long!

1. Get Inspired – 642 Tiny Things to Write About

When you’re writing and brainstorming on a daily basis, sometimes it’s possible to get stuck! This interactive book by San Francisco Writer’s Grotto hands off tiny bits of inspiration to writers looking to spark their imagination. If you know a writer who loves to get crazy with prompts (and what kind of writer or content enthusiast doesn’t?), we recommend picking this book up.

642 things to write about book
2. Classy Gift Giver – Moleskine Notebook

A true writer or content marketer knows what a Moleskine notebook is – and always peeps them when he or she visits a bookstore or writer’s shop. They’re classic – and classy – ideal for a co-worker, sibling, or love interest (I guarantee a kiss under the mistletoe). They come in all shapes and sizes, they’re affordable, and you can buy them online or in almost any brick or mortar store that has writing supplies.

Moleskine Notebook

3. No Stimuli – Writer Door Hanger

If you’re anything like our writer-extraordinaire President and Founder Jess Dawkins, you need quiet and focus to be at your best. Enter the Do Not Disturb door hanger for the writer in the zone. With a bad ass, no-nonsense design and a usefulness that every writer and content marketer will appreciate, this fits into a stocking, an envelope, or gift bag.

Writer at Work Door Hanger
4. Self Indulge – My Life Story So Far

Content Marketers and Copywriters spend a lot of time writing awesome pieces for their clients, but they may miss the times where they can write creatively and freely, without a project brief attached to it. This write-in log of one’s life story thus far is a great way to get creative and self indulge in writing.

My Life Story So Far Book
5. Cold Weather Classics – Literary Scarves

These are beautiful gifts for the female writer or content marketer. Choose from these book-ish scarves featuring text from Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, or Alice in Wonderland. If your intent is to impress, Uncommon Goods’ artist Tori Tissell gives you the option of adding in writing gloves, too.

Literary Scarves


Bonus – Gifts to Self for the Content Marketer and Copywriter:

Ever felt like this? You can express it an Ornament!

Laugh at yourself – you genius – with this luggage tag.

Celebrate your inner neurotic writer with this magnet.

Looking for gifts for the Social Media pro? Check out my guide for the 5 best gift choices for the holiday season. 


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