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6 Amazing Automation Tools for Small Business in 2016

You need to save time, money, and market your small business across multiple channels in 2016. To make it happen, explore these 6 amazing, effective marketing automation tools for the new year that will allow you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Hootsuite, one of the most popular social media automation tools on the planet, is designed to both enhance and automate your social media strategy across 35 applicable networks, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Start by signing up for a free plan which supports up to 3 social media profiles and two single-user campaigns.


Both a sales and marketing solution, HubSpot can leverage real-time market data for small business owners – so they don’t have to spend time doing so. Create workflows to automate each marketing campaign and track your growth with goals and lead segments.


If you’re interested in email marketing for your small business, try MailChimp first. MailChimp is an easy-to-use, affordable automation tool that won’t break the bank on your 2016 marketing budget – and it’s one of the most personal ways to reach your customers. Use MailChimp’s marketing automation features to personalize your campaigns based on customer data – including behavior, preferences, and even past sales. Post links to your emails, if you’d like, instantly on social media. Choose from a variety of pre-designed templates or design your own.


The Salesforce brand has been a force of its own for years now, and you can find some of the best CRM software on the planet at The site has added to its features, software developed with marketing automation in mind. Salesforce tools are powerful – if you want a system that can pack a punch, you’ll be interested to learn more about the way you can enhance your digital presence and marketing campaign quality with its expansive partnership with crucial APIs to create a holistic marketing strategy that reaches all digital channels. Check out their Pardot tool.


Spokal is a WordPress-integrated, inbound marketing platform that relies on content like blog posts, videos, and podcasts. The system provides suggestions to enhance SEO, distributes content to social media profiles and pages, and curates content via Feedly. Engage in A/B testing, grab Creative Commons images in a flash, and make content marketing easy for your small business.


InfusionSoft is a total-package type software for small businesses that want to score in omni-channel marketing. In fact, InfusionSoft packs customer management, email marketing, lead capture, lead scoring, and ecommerce shopping carts all in one tool.


Which marketing automation tools does your business use now? Which one of these above would you like to try most in 2016? 

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