5 Must-Read Online Marketing Articles for Small Business – Week of January 18th

Stay on top of Online Marketing trends! Here are the latest social media marketing, SEO, and content headlines you’ll want to read for the week of January 18th, 2016, curated by The Social Campfire:

Headline 1 – Google’s Major Ranking Algorithm Update is Confirmed

Google has confirmed a core ranking algorithm update, fresh for first quarter 2016. Most webmasters were expecting a Penguin update on January 12th. Not so – after a little digging, all signs pointed to a core or Panda-related change.

In a nutshell, the core ranking algorithm update did not refresh Panda scores, it’s been decided that Panda does not update in real time, and it’s become clear that Panda will now become a part of Google’s core ranking signals. For more on Panda, click here.

Headline 2 – 60 percent of B2B Content is Unused: How to Fix It

Is your company effective at its B2B Content Marketing? Don’t sit on an empty investment. As a small business owner and/or entrepreneur, you need to know how to take advantage of content marketing – instead of wasting money on it. By re-purposing content, getting your team involved, and working with other thought leaders on content partnerships, you can create better content for your business. From Forbes.

Headline 3 – Inside General Electric’s Media Machine

If you’re a marketing aficionado like me, you’ve probably noticed GE’s marketing lately – and are very impressed. Indeed, General Electric has created their own amazing media machine. They’re re-branding, and they’re doing it well – you can read more about their media strategy in this article.

Computer with Plant Headphones.jpg

Headline 4 – Instagram wants Small Businesses

Instagram is ramping up its efforts to recruit small businesses to its popular photo-sharing platform. They plan on working with the sales team of their parent company, Facebook, in order to target more effectively. In 2012, when Facebook bought Instagram, the plan was for the photo app to act independently. Will this change now that small business numbers remain low? Leveraging Facebook’s expertise seems to be a more viable option.

Headline 5 – Making Sure Your LinkedIn is Secure

Do you know how to best manage your privacy and security settings on LinkedIn? Your brand identity and business is important – and so is its security in an ever-changing and ever-present digital world. Make sure you review this checklist – and regularly – in order to stay as secure as you need to be and as private as you want to be on LinkedIn.

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