What’s YOUR Reaction to Facebook Reactions?

The long awaited, totally re-designed Like Button is here.
It’s called Facebook Reactions, an expansion of the “Like” feature, with six distinct new options that you can choose in addition to “Liking” a post. These are: Love, Haha, Yay, Wow, Sad, and Angry.


In our opinion here at The Social Campfire, these are literally the five options we were missing. Sometimes, we more than like one of our followers’ status updates (an engagement, a new baby, a snazzy new haircut). There are other statuses where the Like Button seems too uncomfortable – a time when we would just comment surprise, condolences or sad or angry faces instead.

A friend had his car stolen a couple of days ago. This is the perfect time to include an Angry, Sad, or Wow emoji – instead of liking it. Before, social media situations like this were way too awkward.

Thanks FB! The new Facebook reactions are a testament to Facebook’s commitment to evolve for its users.

To access the new reaction Emojis, simply hover over the Like Button on a given post and click the one you prefer.

Why the change now, you ask, after a couple of years of protest? In December 2015, over 1.4 billion people accessed Facebook by mobile. People who regularly access Facebook do so on a mobile device 90 percent of the time. Commenting might allow for nuanced responses, but this can take too much time on a mobile device. Facebook users needed a way to leave feedback that is quick and easy, and everyone’s favorite Emojis are the option.

Everything is coming together very nicely.



What’s your reaction to Facebook Reactions? Comment on our blog below!


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