Oleomed Announces Re-Launch; Exhibition at Expo West 2016

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Oleomed Announces Product Re-Launch, Exhibition at Natural Products Expo West 2016

The Oleomed brand, which enjoyed wide distribution through major retailers in the past, is now officially re-launched and available in four distinct gluten-free, non-GMO formulas

Oleomed USA LLC (http://www.oleomed.com), a Kissimmee, Florida-based gluten-free and non-GMO natural products supplier, announced today the official re-launch of the popular Oleomed line of products.

Oleomed will exhibit its full line at the Natural Products Expo West convention from March 9-13, 2016 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

The Oleomed brand, which was widely distributed through major grocery and natural products retailers in the past, bears a unique blend of pharmaceutical grade olive oil. The olive oil in Oleomed acts as a natural delivery agent, along with various health supplements like CoQ10 and Primrose, to allow for better absorption in the body. The healthy fats in olive oil allow it to carry other fat-soluble nutrients with it, providing more effective overall absorption of consumers’ chosen supplements.

Oleomed is made in Spain, the predominant source of the world’s olive supply, and is currently available in four formulas, including Garlic, CoQ10, Primrose, and Weight – all of which are non-GMO, and without gluten or allergens.

“We are excited to bring such a popular supplement back to the consumer,” said Raymond Skawinski, Oleomed’s CEO. “We want everyone to try Oleomed’s four unique nutrient formulas to experience the benefit gained by using pharmaceutical grade olive oil as a delivery agent to the body.”

Oleomed will kick off its re-launch by attending Expo West 2016, one of the world’s largest natural, organic, and healthy lifestyle products shows. All product orders written at the show will receive a 25 percent discount, and the first 36 orders written will also receive a bonus, quality bound tablet case and journal book. Attendees can visit Oleomed at Booth #1092.


About Oleomed

The Oleomed line of products are unique in blending pharmaceutical grade olive oil, which has been used as part of a healthy Mediterranean diet for thousands of years, with health supplements, allowing better absorption into the body. Please look for or inquire about any of these formulas in the health section of your favorite retailer. For more information, please visit http://www.Oleomed.com.

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