What’s Really Behind a Great Social Media Post?

There’s a stark difference between a run of the mill Facebook post or Tweet – and one that really stands out.

Ever wonder how some of your favorite big brands create such compelling social media posts?

They’ve teamed up with a sharp, creative writer. 

Indeed, a finely crafted social media post requires creativity and a command over the English language. It also requires a working knowledge of inbound marketing strategy.

While some, we assume, are good people (that was a JOKE – we’re very amateur comedians at The Social Campfire), we’re not exactly sure that these post writers have all of the requirements listed  above.  

While protecting the innocent, here are a few examples of social media posts that have gone totally wrong: 


Exhibit A – Easter Funny:

Exhibit A

What’s wrong with this Tweet: 

  • It’s entirely text based. Without an image, why would I find this post interesting or noteworthy on my big, busy news feed? 
  • A good writer (or at least someone who had thought the post out for a few minutes) could have said Happy Easter and invited customers to their place of business with a shorter character count.
  • There’s a word hanging off at the end. When I saw this post live, I was assuming that there was going to be a second tweet after it (which is also not a method of choice). It never came! This post is still up today. Check your work!
  • There is no eloquence to this copy. It’s awkward – and heavy. 
  • Only two likes (and zero RTs)  for a popular place! They were not successful in this effort, judging by the metrics. 

A Suggested Example of Copy: 

#HappyEaster! Come join us today for an adult Easter Treat! 

*An image of beers in an Easter basket could be used as the accompanying imagery.



Exhibit B – The Not-So-Happy Hour: 


Exhibit B

What’s wrong with this Tweet: 

  • Another tweet without an image. This tweet could be so much more beautiful.
  • A complete loss of proper grammar, punctuation, and formatting. Very haphazard looking (and sounding).
  • It’s boring. 

A Suggested Example of Copy:

Happy #HumpDay! We have your #HappyHour from 3-7; 1/2 off select drafts after 7.

*A flyer-type image listing the specials could accompany the copy.

Some  Facebook No-Nos:

To again, protect the innocent, I won’t post any examples here. In general, though, do remember the following:

  • Someone is reading your post. Add space between long sentences and different thoughts. 
  • Resist the urge to over-tag, or the post starts to look messy.
  • Try to limit your copy to one to two lines max – with a compelling image.
  • Always review your post for typos before you send it. If you see a problem, go in and edit immediately. 


Any doubts? You can always email us: social@thesocialcampfire.com

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