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Morning Buzz: Caffeinated Content Marketing Stories for April 6th, 2016

Happy Hump Day! Having trouble waking up? Grab a cup of java and sip on these 4 must-read Content Marketing posts!


30 Trigger Words to Use in Your Online Writing for More Connections & Results

According to Search Engine Journal, as a general rule, only 2-3% of email subscribers will click-through to read something in an email you send them.

Fortunately – the problem isn’t your writing. It’s the words you’re choosing to use.Read on for 30 trigger words that you can use in your writing for more connections and results.

The Paradigm of Written Content: Search and Social vs. Humans

Recent trends in search engine and social media algorithms have brought on a need for SEOs and social teams to integrate more closely with the content department.

Google’s algorithm has become more sophisticated. With older SEO approaches failing to produce the same sort of results they once did, the focus has shifted toward more natural content marketing strategies.Click the headline to read on.

10 Content Marketing Metrics, and the Sophisticated Marketers Who Swear by Them

We know content marketing works. With the right data, we can prove it. Click the link to discover 10 metrics that can help you demonstrate the value of your work, and give you the vital intel you need to keep improving.

How to Document Your Content Marketing Workflow

A documented content marketing strategy, Content Marketing Institute reports, makes marketers more likely to consider their content marketing efforts, tactics, and channels as effective and helps them to justify higher content marketing budgets to leadership.

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