5 Reasons A Small Business Blog Is A Necessity


From Business 2 Community – A small business blog is a valuable asset when it comes to marketing your business. It’s a way to compete with the larger competition. Instead of playing with hefty marketing budgets, the only thing a blog will cost is your time. It can also produce several benefits for your website and your business, whether you are in the b2c or b2b space.

Why a Small Business Blog is a Necessity:

  • More traffic – Each page of your website, including published blog posts, serve as a window into your website. Most sites have a few dozen pages. Some sites have more, and some have less. Writing and publishing consistently on your small business blog give you the opportunity to have hundreds, or thousands of entry points into your website. Each of these posts can rank in Google. Each can be published and promoted on social media. They expose your business to interested people who otherwise wouldn’t have known it existed.
  • The ability to convert that traffic – Of course, that traffic does nothing for you, if you don’t convert. A small business blog offers you the chance to provide real, compelling value to your readers. You can also link to product or service pages, and create engaging calls to action to entice your readers to act. If you’ve provided value throughout the bulk of the post, suggesting your readers call you for more information, or asking for the sale will be acceptable to most readers.

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