Girl Using Snapchat on iPhone

Snapchat Overtakes Twitter in Daily Users

With 150 million people sending “snaps” every day, Snapchat—the social network that relies on ephemeral, in-the-moment photos and short videos—now has more daily users than Twitter, according a report from Bloomberg citing anonymous sources familiar with the matter.

Popularity of the four-year-old app has expanded with tremendous speed, growing by 40 million daily users just since December, Snapchat’s growth fueled by younger users and popular features like My Story, and photo filters to make you look like Marilyn Monroe or someone vomiting a rainbow.

The Snapchat Inc. logo is displayed on the door of the company's headquarters in the Venice Beach neighborhood of Los Angeles, March 2, 2016.

Read more of the article from TIME – Snapchat Overtakes Twitter in Daily Users

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