What’s New With Our Marketing Partners?

Here at The Social Campfire, we like to call our Digital Marketing Clients our Partners – because that’s what we really are.

We work hand in hand with our client companies and brands, just as if we were an employed staffer in the organization. How else could we provide such creative, brand-focused service?

If an outside boutique marketing company were to provide its services – only to look like an unfit arm of the entire sales, marketing, branding, PR, and business development experience – how would that benefit the company at all? We know we must become our clients’ brands to really deliver – and that’s what drives our everyday mission.

With that said, time to spotlight what our wonderful American Marketing Partners are doing this week! It may be summer – but there are no dog days for these brands! Check them out…

Passport for Wellness, the Video-Streaming, Groundbreaking Senior Exercise Program, Launches Worldwide 

Passport for Wellness (http://www.passportforwellness.com), the pioneering video-streaming entertainment, exercise, and activity program for seniors, is now instantly available to assisted living facilities, nursing homes, senior centers, and caregivers throughout the United States and around the globe.

Designed to positively impact and challenge seniors across the spectrum of well-being, including socially, mentally, and physically, each episode of the Passport for Wellness video-streaming program incorporates entertaining storylines and interesting experiences from around the world and throughout history – providing an instant, innovative approach to active living for businesses and families alike.

After just two months on the market, Passport for Wellness has met high demand, and is actively streaming in assisted living facilities, senior-focused facilities, and homes in countries such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Read their full Press Release here.

E-Z Photo Scan Launches its dyk Blog 

There’s so much to know in photo scanning and digital archiving! E-Z Photo Scan’s dyk blog, part of its Digital Directions Blog set, provides fun facts about Kodak, Kodak Alaris, and Digital Memories each day.

OXO Digital Organizing Explains why you should start planning you DIY Holiday Gifts

If you are the creative type who plans on doing something a little extra this year, good for you! Celebrate Christmas in July – and get ready now – by reading the how-to blog.

Laser Institute of America Announces Industrial Laser Conference Fun, ICALEO Student Perks

LIA’s best-ever laser Conference season is about to begin. Read Five Things You Need to Know about their inaugural Industrial Laser Conference, held this year in Chicago at the International Manufacturing Technology Show, and what students can expect from ICALEO in terms of future career expansion opportunities this year.

For more Up-to-Date News on what’s happening with our esteemed Marketing Partners, continue following The Social Campfire Blog and Facebook.


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