4 Frightening Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

October is finally here – one of The Social Campfire’s favorite months of the year. This is because Halloween, fall, and the lead-up to the holiday season is prime time for effective content and social media marketing. In honor of impending spookiness, Jess wants you to avoid the most frightening social media mistakes of the season so you can make the most of October and grow your business. Avoid the blunders below to find success.

Avoid These October Marketing Mistakes

Forgetting to Sponsor Sales & Giveaways 66b17b745bda0ba65297731a66c0ea15

The month of October kicks off the most festive quarter of the year. This is also a popular time for businesses in all industries to offer sales, contests, or giveaways to stimulate sales or referrals. Whether you own a dental practice, pizza restaurant, or clothing store, you can sponsor your October special through advertising on Instagram or Facebook. Unsure about how to sponsor a social media post or get started with advertising? Contact a remote or local social media professional.

Ignoring Themed Content Opportunities

Every business should have a monthly content calendar outlining their social media strategy. October should be full of themed content, whether it’s about Halloween quotes, autumn trends, or fall recipes. Don’t forget to incorporate the most fun and exciting parts of the season in your social media post copywriting.

Overlooking Hashtags

Don’t forget hashtags when promoting your October content! #Fridaythe13th, #Halloween, #breastcancerawareness, #Sukkot, #WorldVegetarianDay, #Oktoberfest, #ColumbusDay, and #Halloween2018 are all great ones to use. Don’t forget to search hashtags on Twitter and Instagram in real time to find the ones most current and relevant to your business.

Posting the Wrong Time

Don’t post about your Halloween specials or autumn events at the wrong time. A social media strategist can help you determine the best time to post on each platform so you can get the most reach and/or engagement. You can also utilize analytics tools to learn what time your customers respond the most.

Omitting Rich Graphics

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year in many places in the United States. Halloween is also a holiday generating rich, impactful graphics. Don’t forget images and/or video with every post, whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

With this advice in mind, you can make your October social media plan even more engaging. You can also call me directly at (321) 574-3854 or email me at social@thesocialcampfire.com to inquire about content marketing, copywriting, and social media marketing services for your business. 

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