Facebook’s Privacy Concerns: What Businesses Need to Know

Facebook is embroiled in a firestorm of criticism – and down $80 billion in market value to boot – after the fallout widens from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It’s prompting brands like Playboy and Tesla to close their platform business accounts – but companies of all sizes should understand the latest developments before clicking delete for good.

Let The Social Campfire team guide you. Discover the most important things to know about this important social media news story:

Most Important Facebook News Stories

Facebook & Cambridge Analytica Explained

Read this article from New York Times to learn how data was collected and what it means for user privacy.

Facebook’s New Settings Amid Privacy Concerns

Explore the new settings that are now available on the platform.

No More Third Party Data for FB Ads

Learn from The Verge article about how third party data is no longer allowed.

Our Take on Facebook

While user privacy concerns are primarily targeted toward the client, customer, and their personal use, it’s important to be cognizant of data and security updates in the space. Businesses should remain on Facebook, yet understand how concerns are affecting their customers. Talk to your social media manager about how this news plays into your current and future strategy.

It’s always best practice for people and their companies to carefully review what they are adding to their profiles and pages and what opting in and out of Facebook settings truly mean. Today, we all have to be more aware and diligent than ever of how social media affects our lives.

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