The Latest Marketing News from The Social Campfire

We are excited about the new hope and possibilities that this year will bring. Now that we have a completely fresh calendar in play, it’s time to update you about some of our newest offerings and our best services.

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Our Content Marketing Services

We want you to be among the first to know about our new year marketing menu. For the year, we will have Content Writing, Copywriting, Social Media Copywriting, Brand Strategy Consulting, Web Content Architecture, SEO Content Consulting, and Digital Marketing Consulting services available. We will also be available on a limited basis for press releases, print copywriting, e-Newsletters, and Ghostwriting. Please email us at for information on our fresh 2021 pricing or how we can help your business. We have limited consultation slots available for January, so contact us with your name, company name, company website, phone number, and company social media pages (if applicable) to get started.

New Marketing Partnership

We are excited to announce a new marketing partnership with Mental Health for Witches, the mental health and holistic health community for the spiritual community. We will be providing marketing consulting, writing services, and social media services to this exciting new initiative. We will also be helping to market their founder’s Reiki Distance Healing services, which we hope to tell you more about soon. Check out MHW if you are interested in the spiritualist community, and definitely let us know if you are a reiki practitioner, spiritual business professional, energy healer/reader, or anyone else in the community who may desire content writing or marketing services for our digital world. You can contact us in the same way you would for any other service (as above).

We Are Your Remote Marketing and Content Writing Business

Last year, many businesses and companies went online. We see this is as the advent of a whole new era. We are thankful that we have been a remote business since January 2015 – so we are already ready and experienced enough to serve you. If you are a marketing agency, brand, or company requiring content writing, copywriting, or marketing consulting anywhere in the country, give us a call. You can leave a voicemail for us during business hours, Eastern time, 9-5 pm. Just click for our Contact Info. We will take down your contact information and information about your business and give you a call as soon as possible You are also able to reach out to us by email or by social media. The same Contact Page above will give you everything you need to get started.

We know that the remote world can be a new landscape for many businesses, but we are comfortable with the space. We are also expert marketers, which can help take your company to a whole new level.

Our portfolio is Under Construction, as we have had a ton of new and exciting projects to share with you. We will provide you with our fresh Portfolio link this month. In the meantime, browse our website for more information about our Content Writing and Social Media services. We look forward to serving you!

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