Now You Can Order The Social Campfire Blogs on Upwork

Big News! We’re making it easier than ever to order our blogs. Now, you can order them on Upwork.

Yes, we have another way we can write for you with a quality focus and quick turnaround time. We also recognize that some of you like high-touch, high-feel content and copy services. That makes sense to us, too, which is why we’ll never change our core services we’ve provided you for years. If you want to discuss content and copy in depth, we’re always here by phone or email. Go ahead and email us to get started.

Here at The Social Campfire, we provide free digital consultations. We’re also about quality work, detailed scopes, and quicker turnarounds. If you want to get started with blogging services or you already know you like the way we work, we’re happy to begin with you using our Upwork SEO Blogging Services. Take a look at our link for info!

The Upwork model is a turnkey way to order our blogging services for an SEO-focused article pertaining to your clients and/or industry. We offer instructional articles, how-to articles, listicles, educational articles, informational pieces, and more. Here’s the Upwork breakdown of our ordering services:

Upwork Blogging Menu for The Social Campfire

Get an article in as little as 5 days for as little as $45. It’s a win-win for every business.

About Our Blog Writing Services on Upwork

Hi there! I’m Chief Writer and CEO Jessica Dawkins of The Social Campfire, with a decade of experience writing SEO-focused blogs and articles for a variety of industries. I’m an experienced healthcare and medical technology writer, as well as an expert in content writing for eComm. You’ll find my work on some of the most popular clothing and food sites in the world. Check out my portfolio page or email me for more information. I also write for industries like real estate, technology, and sports.

I truly love my remote clients from all over the United States, which is why it’s so exciting to start these services on the site. Delivery time is 5-7 days, based on whether you choose the Starter, Standard, or Advanced blog. For each blog, you get one set of revisions included with the price based on your comments. Note that this does not include full rewrites! If you would like more than one revision, I can always add it for an additional fee, which you’ll see on the menu.

The menu includes the standard number of words for each SEO blog. Choose which one makes the most sense to you. I can also help you choose one based on your preferred topic. I’ll give you focus keywords for each piece, based on your keyword preferences. If you need an SEO audit, please contact me to speak with me first. SEO keywords are extremely important, which is why I would like to help you grab some before you begin your blogs.

Rest assured that I’ll research your chosen topic and provide some links to help it gain ranking in the search engines like Google. Since these are regular blogs, I do not provide a reference sheet, citation sheet, or a data chart. If you need items like these, please feel free to reach out directly.

Every client is different, so add-ons are are available. They include faster delivery times and additional revision services. You can also get an additional 100 words and more SEO focus keywords. It really is such an affordable and straightforward way to get blogging services from an experienced writer. Everyone likes fast and easy!

Other Ways to Order Blogs From The Social Campfire

Upwork is fast and easy, but it’s not the only way you can order our blogs. You can contact me directly and I’ll provide you with one-on-one service. I also take LinkedIn messages to get the process started. We have an intake form that I can give you through email or a docs service. Phone consultations are available for a small additional fee. The Social Campfire is a full-service content writing and copywriting services company, so do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Work With The Social Campfire

There are so many ways to work with The Social Campfire. We want to let you know that we’re happy to honor these rates directly through The Social Campfire website. All you need to do is email our team with your contact information and the best way to reach you so we can get started. We’ll confirm the rate package for your blog and we’ll ask you to fill out a quick and easy form that will get you started with your first article. Then, we’ll be off and running with your original content!

If you need something other than blogs, we offer many content writing and copywriting services. We’re adept at web copy and UX writing. We also write long-form guides and editorials. Ask us for a quote on social media copywriting and press releasees. We also create full service social media calendars and content strategies. Quality content and informed SEO can take your company or business to the next level. Upwork is just another way we make it easier for you to grow.

Thanks for visiting! Learn more about our Content Writing and Copywriting Services here.

We’re social media marketers since the early days, too. Check out our Social Media Services.

Want to see project samples? Check out our portfolio samples of Projects.

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