How We’re Promoting a Lifestyle, Life Skills, and Football

Partnering With Club HBHF and Exposure Academy

Here at The Social Campfire, we’re sports fans. Our CEO Jessica is from Buffalo, NY – the home of Buffalo Bills football. “I consider myself a Bills fan by birth,” Jessica says when asked about her Buffalo fandom. She added, “It was not an option for me to become a Bills fan in my house.”

Courtesy of Club HBHF and Stevie Johnson

An athlete and a sports fan in childhood and teenage years, Jessica gravitated toward educational and professional opportunities in athletics and journalism. She started her journalism career covering UCF Football while studying English and Creative Writing at the University of Central Florida. Over the years, she’s worked in content marketing and social media for sports eCommerce brands and wellness companies, as well as a freelance writer for local newspapers and digital outlets covering athletics at all levels.

Given our background, it’s no surprise that we love to work with brands and companies involved with sports. It’s always a bonus when it benefits youth and young athletes. Jessica earned a Community Teaching certificate from UCF and enjoys using her experience with kids in the community in her marketing career. That’s why she thinks it’s a perfect fit for The Social Campfire to be partnering with Stevie Johnson’s Club HBHF and Exposure Academy (#ClubHBHF).

We’re partnering as part of the marketing, public relations, and creative team (#HBHFCreators) and we’re thrilled about the opportunity. Club HBHF’s Exposure Academy is a Life/Skill Mentorship Development Program for young athletes to help promote their unique talents and develop them at an accelerated rate. The initiative is led by former NFL WR and Buffalo Bill Stevie Johnson. As one of her favorite Buffalo Bills of all time, Jessica is thrilled to work with Stevie and lend her marketing, content, and strategy talents to such a talented and positive team.

What’s Next with #ClubHBHF

When it comes to our partnership with Club HBHF, this is just the beginning. The Club will have a one-of-a-kind destination event in the Virgin Islands in February 2023 – the HBHF Bucket List Fun and Wellness Retreat. Hosted by Stevie Johnson and featuring unforgettable events and guests, this official Club Retreat features 5 nights, 6 days with a beachfront room with a private balcony, breakfast daily, flights, transportation, and yes – a football workout with former NFL WR Stevie Johnson. You’ll also enjoy an Olympic pro boxing workout, a beach BBQ hosted by DJ Milk, and more. There’s no reason to miss out on this event if you enjoy luxury vacations, so click here for more information. The site also gives you an opportunity to register for the event and pay for tickets.

If you know a youth football player who is looking to take his game to the next level, it’s time to register for Exposure Academy’s March Skills Camps in Dallas, TX. It’s a week-long event led by Stevie Johnson and his staff. Train and learn from Stevie and his world class crew while developing mind and body. Form friendships with other athletes and network with the pros. We’ll post the link to the camp registration form when it’s live. For now, stay tuned at Exposure Academy for updates.

Questions about registering or sponsoring youth camps or luxury events? Want to know how you can partner with Club HBHF? Email: For marketing inquiries related to The Social Campfire’s partnership with Club HBHF, email

Courtesy of Club HBHF Events / Club HBHF Fun & Wellness Retreat

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