How to Gear Up for Holiday Sales (5 Marketing Tips!)

Discover Ways to Ignite Sales and Engagement for the Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for deals & sales! This social media marketing and content writing company knows just how much a little holiday spirit can do for a brand or business. If you aren’t gearing up to hold a promotion between now and the end of the holiday season, you may be missing out. It’s simpler than you think to create a marketing campaign to help promote sales or engagement for your brand or company. We know this season is all about giving presents, but try thinking outside the box! You may gain a customer for life by offering discounts, promotions & special offers for a holiday event.

You don’t have to pick a campaign for each one, but try and focus on at least a few efforts. It doesn’t have to be large-scale or consume the time of your freelancers or employees — we know they’re busy this time of year. Instead, create something simple that will be easy to turnaround and create impact. Looking for ideas? We have some up our sleeve.

Ideas for Flash Sales & Selling Products

These days, you can be a remote business or an online brand and still make an impact during the holidays. Here are some tips to help create a buzz on the most bustling shopping season of the year:

  • Offer slash deals to make room for more inventory: What can you put on sale to help move products?
  • Use those social media ad coupons to help boost a sale on an important product: If you have “free money” from sites like Facebook or LinkedIn, now may be the time to create a small, simple yet impactful ad.
  • Use email marketing to give subscribers exclusive deals: If you have an email list, you can send a coupon or discount on a product that only email subscribers receive
  • Market your email list ahead of Christmas to build your subscribers and give them a special deal on the big day

Strategies for Small Businesses

The holidays are exciting for small businesses because customers now more than ever love to shop small with their favorite local businesses. It’s important that consumers find handmade and small-owned presents for the holiday season. It also helps communities find family-owned companies near them. This can include anything from a coffee shop to a marketing services company.

  • Partner with a fellow small biz & promote each others’ services: Can you share each others’ social posts on holiday deals or set up a pop-up location together?
  • Have a sale in celebration of #ShopSmall – give your customers great deals as a thank you for coming in or visiting your site store on the Saturday after Thanksgiving
  • Take the opportunity to show customers how to shop your products this season: Give them some fun thread tutorials on social media or show them a video of your best products and how to get the biggest deals
  • Give small businesses discounts on services: Provide a coupon code for small businesses so they can get your products at a great price.

Tips for Giving as a Business or Brand

This is the season to give to non-profits, sponsor organizations you care about, and find ways to donate your time. From volunteering for a company or not-for-profit you care about to showing followers how to give, this is one of the most inspiring shopping times of the year. You can:

  • Give away a free gift to customers who donate to a foundation/sponsorship
  • Donate time (as a company) to an organization in need
  • Offer a discount for clients who make a donation to a non-profit

Whether customers can give to your organization or you can do something with your company’s talents, events like Giving Tuesday is always a memorable day for brands in all industries.

Make This Year’s Holiday Sales Your Own

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to do holiday sales! Pick a day in December to target from our list. Then choose a product or service to discount or showcase. Share it on social media or create an email newsletter. Or make a landing page for the occasion. Do it organically or throw a budget at it. Now matter how you choose to market, you can boost your sales and spark a fire for your business this winter.

Find our thread on holiday sales and deals on Twitter.

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