Discover Chocolate This Spring

Are you ready to discover chocolate this Spring? We bet you are! The Social Campfire has you covered with delicious vegan options. We’re writing blogs and guides for Berkeley, CA-based on everything from plant-based chocolate recipe ideas to answers on what you want to know about chocolate.

Discover if red velvet really is chocolate, how to create a hot chocolate bar for your friends and family, and the truth on if chocolate really expires. Separate fact from fiction, then learn something new. You may even find your favorite new chocolate recipe!

The Social Campfire has been writing blogs for eCommerce companies since 2015. From food and beverage to wellness companies, we know how to create engaging copy for your business, so your marketing and SEO team can get it out to the masses.

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New Chocolate Guides and Blogs from The Social Campfire

Is Red Velvet Really Chocolate?

10 Ideas for a Hot Chocolate Bar

How to Make Chocolate Icing

Does Chocolate Expire? What You Need to Know

Learn more about chocolate and how to make some of the most delicious chocolate recipes out there. While your on the TCHO website, order plant-based TCHO chocolate! From vegan and organic dark chocolate to responsibly-sourced pairings and tasty plant-based white chocolate, you can’t go wrong with these confections from California.

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