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Blog – The Best Spine and Medical Device Industry Articles—Early November 2015

Blog for North Carolina Spine Device Company on Behalf of Vial Momentum – MedTech Marketing

The spine and medical device industries haven’t slowed down for the holidays just yet. Among a plethora of exciting news in spine and medical devices, here are five of the most popular stories in these crucial topic areas for early and mid-November…

Tim Cook Discusses Apple and Medical Devices
In a recent interview with UK’s Telegraph, Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed the company’s future medical device plans. Although he doesn’t see the Apple Watch turning into a medical device anytime soon (citing FDA clearance and approval difficulties), he has not ruled out the possibility of Apple diving into the medical device business. Ideas include an app or some other component adjacent to the Apple Watch, but not the watch itself. His current focus? Developing non-PC devices in general, and cybersecurity…


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