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Social Media Consulting & Project Management – Medical Technology

Lead Social Media Consultant and Creative Project Manager for two MedTech Companies: Marietta, GA and Orlando, FL

Responsible for all Social Media Management, Editorial and Publishing Calendars, and Social Media Copywriting.

  • Robotics
  • Medical Devices
  • Spine
  • Orthopedics
  • Neurosurgery
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Blog – The Best Spine and Medical Device Industry Articles—Early November 2015

Blog for North Carolina Spine Device Company on Behalf of Vial Momentum – MedTech Marketing

The spine and medical device industries haven’t slowed down for the holidays just yet. Among a plethora of exciting news in spine and medical devices, here are five of the most popular stories in these crucial topic areas for early and mid-November…

Tim Cook Discusses Apple and Medical Devices
In a recent interview with UK’s Telegraph, Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed the company’s future medical device plans. Although he doesn’t see the Apple Watch turning into a medical device anytime soon (citing FDA clearance and approval difficulties), he has not ruled out the possibility of Apple diving into the medical device business. Ideas include an app or some other component adjacent to the Apple Watch, but not the watch itself. His current focus? Developing non-PC devices in general, and cybersecurity…


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Blog – Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design Blog – for California client

The Death of Unresponsive Design and Why It Matters to Your Business

Today’s technology professionals know that they have two regular jobs. The first one consists of performing their actual skill set, whether that is as a web designer, an app developer, or a social media strategist. The second one is nearly just as critical—keeping up with the latest trends and changes in the tech industry in order to stay at expert level and, in turn, assure that his or her clients stay on top of the competition heap.

One of the most crucial technological elements you can invest in for your business today is a responsive website. Responsive web design is the art of building a website so it can respond automatically to different screen sizes, whether it is a smartphone screen, a tablet, or a desktop monitor…(sample)

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Press Release – Fractional CMO

Press Release for Fractional CMO Company

“His specialties include ensuring the “voice of the consumer” is reflected in product development, optimizing sales pipelines, defining pricing and monetization strategies and systems, and defining strategies for go-to-market success…”

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Medical Device Company Biography

For spine-focused Medical Company on behalf of MedTech Marketing Firm client, Vial Momentum

…dedicated to developing and distributing new generation spinal technologies. The company was built on the conviction that patients, payers and healthcare providers deserve more value from the technologies that they select. CES is future ready, providing the market with highly differentiated implant systems that meet the clinical and economic demands of today’s marketplace. As a testimony to its founding principles, CES developed the EVOS-HA, the first HA enhanced PEEK Lumbar Interbody system approved in the United States. The company possesses three FDA cleared proprietary technologies.

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Blog- Rebooting Your Marketing Strategy to Meet B2B Buyer Expectations

Blog for fractional CMO on B2B Marketing Strategy that meets buyer expectations.

Now, there is no debate on whether you must include inbound marketing tactics like content marketing and social media in your strategy, if you’re really going to influence your prospect and compel them to consider your offering. Your potential buyer has every one of your competitors at their fingertips; therefore, your marketing and messaging really matter. CEOs, if your company continues to ignore how and what your customers are learning about you—you are at a tremendous disadvantage in the marketplace.