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New Email Contacts for The Social Campfire

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday from The Social Campfire!

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Our team has new contact information to share with you. Update your address books:

Contact Jessica, Founder of The Social Campfire:

For Content Marketing Services, including Blogs, Email Campaigns, Articles, White Papers, Website Content, Ad Copy, Content Marketing Strategy and Consulting, Press Releases, and more, please inquire at for custom pricing and information.

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creative writer's block

4 Tools to Help Content Writers Recharge

When the fireworks show ends and the confetti falls to the floor, Content Marketing pros are still writers in their purest form. 

the spark of digital marketing
Content Marketing is fancy for writing.

Whether you work at a marketing agency or freelance, it’s easy to get writer’s block and burnout, especially when your job includes 10 other sets of tasks and skill sets in addition to the gift of the pen.

How do you keep the creative writing juices flowing while working through the daily grind?

I’ve compiled a list of 4 tools that will help writers recharge.

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digital marketing job titles

Digital Marketing Terminology, Part One: Job Titles

The world of online marketing and social marketing is moving so fast that industry terminology is often birthed and multiplied before it even catches on with the community, resulting in a massive list of unorganized jargon.

Here are a couple of terms distinctions to keep you organized, in Part One of this mini-blog series:

Content Writer vs. Copywriter 

If you’re looking for a copywriter, you desire someone who can influence the reader to take action to close a deal. This writer knows how to sell, and can effortlessly write advertising content. Product brochures, website landing pages, and sales emails to established subscribers calling them to action, whether it is a click on a link to a product or service or variation of this tactic.

Content writing cloaks itself under the informational angle. Articles, blogs, and white papers are all examples of a content writer’s everyday work.

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