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Your Brand and Business: Should you DIY, or Consult a Pro?

Since Social Media and Social Marketing are so relatively new, and constantly in a state of growth (think mobile, for example), it’s hard to distinguish the players from the pros.

Every week, I observe television ads, online advertisements, and even personal sentiment claiming that if a company creates your Facebook profile for one flat fee, or if your 20-something daughter manages your social accounts, you are in good hands from a digital marketing standpoint.

That can’t be further from the truth (sorry 20-something-year-old daughters!).

In my work both as the leader of Social Marketing and Social Media at Vial Momentum and as a freelance consultant, writer, and online marketing pro, I’ve learned that it’s never, ever as easy as it looks as a business or brand owner to create a compelling piece of content, to write what you want to say effectively on your own, or to manage a comprehensive, cohesive, synergistic marketing plan that will create results.

Besides, you have better things to do – like focus on running your business – your area of expertise.

Spending $25-$50 a month on analytics and scheduling tools are a step in the right direction – but what is your strategy? How are you using your social media profiles and content in a way that aligns with your overall business goals and pushes them forward?

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