New Social Media Classes Available at TSC!

Fresh for Spring! The Social Campfire, LLC is now offering a variety of web-based, 1-on-1 social media sessions for anyone across the United States!


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Are you interested in using Hootsuite for your organization, individual use, brand, or business, but don’t know how to get started? Join Social Campfire, LLC Founder and President Jess Dawkins in a one-on-one, 60-minute session where she walks through Hootsuite with you, on your computer screen, live.

Sprout Social is a comprehensive dashboard for Social Media Management, complete with gorgeous and informative analytics and an easy-to-use customer service and team style system.

Want to learn how to use Sprout Social for your brand or business? Jess will guide you through the basics in this 60 minute session!

Get Social Media Savvy in this 4 Week Class!

Learn how to effectively operate social media for your company, brand, or business in this 4 week, 1-hour set of custom, one-on-one classes. Our founder Jess will guide you through all of the essential strategies and tactics to help you infuse real strategy and results into your social media program.

Learn which platforms may be good for you, how to set up profiles, what to watch out for, how to use scheduling and analytics systems, the skinny on hashtags, and more!

Sign up for the slot of your choice for your four week, weekly program.

You can’t beat one-on-one education! Sign up today and receive a free social media setup checklist at the end of your classes with Jess!

You’ve heard your brand needs a social media strategy – but where and how do you even begin? Founder and President of The Social Campfire Jess Dawkins will guide you through 30 minutes of social media basics so you can learn why social media is important to your company – and what social media could do for your specific business.


We also feature Content and SEO services and classes here. 



Why Authenticity in Inbound Marketing Matters

There’s something I want you to hear me out on. First, let’s do something that hardly ever, ever happens in social marketing and make a couple of generalizations (insert friendly sarcasm here).

There are – generally speaking – two schools of thought I observe in the world of Inbound Marketing today:

School of Thought #1 – Social Media Marketing is about the numbers. The amount of likes, follows, and shares your pages have signifies your brand’s digital worth. If you can get the attention of a few people, you’ll eventually get the attention of a few more, and the sales will trickle down in this manner. Let’s call this “trickle down social media marketing”.

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Why Your Small Business Needs Social Media


This year, I’ve officially accepted that I should now recite “two-thousand-sixteen” as “twenty-sixteen”.

For years, I’ve carefully avoided the switch from the “old way”  –  much to the chagrin of friends and CBS Sunday Morning‘s Charles Osgood. I was born in the late 1980’s, for goodness sake.

It’s two-thousand-fourteen. Yes, we’re in the year two-thousand-fifteen. 

Now, I’m ready to accept change, and I’m asking small business owners to embark on a new way of thinking about marketing as well. There are two words that will be very important to small business marketing in 2016, and those two words are Inbound Marketing.


Inbound Marketing Connects You with Your Customers.


In the social networking age, your clients are used to taking matters into their own hands – they ask their friends and communities, through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, about which products to buy, which restaurants are good, and what to avoid as well.

No matter what industry you are a part of, whether you serve a direct to consumer market or whether you’re more B2B, you can benefit by adopting a social media marketing plan in 2016.

Here are 10 reasons why you need to invest in social media for your small business in 2016:

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