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A year after its launch, it’s now clear that pretty much no one needs an Apple Watch — Quartz

I didn’t preorder the Apple Watch, or stand in line the day it came out. But I read every article about it, and when someone suggested that it would complement my “personal cloud,” I eventually felt compelled to buy one. I wear it every day, possibly out of determination to get something out of the…

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Oleomed Announces Re-Launch; Exhibition at Expo West 2016

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Oleomed Announces Product Re-Launch, Exhibition at Natural Products Expo West 2016

The Oleomed brand, which enjoyed wide distribution through major retailers in the past, is now officially re-launched and available in four distinct gluten-free, non-GMO formulas

5 Must-Read Online Marketing Articles for Small Business – Week of January 18th

Stay on top of Online Marketing trends! Here are the latest social media marketing, SEO, and content headlines you’ll want to read for the week of January 18th, 2016, curated by The Social Campfire:

Headline 1 – Google’s Major Ranking Algorithm Update is Confirmed

Google has confirmed a core ranking algorithm update, fresh for first quarter 2016. Most webmasters were expecting a Penguin update on January 12th. Not so – after a little digging, all signs pointed to a core or Panda-related change.

In a nutshell, the core ranking algorithm update did not refresh Panda scores, it’s been decided that Panda does not update in real time, and it’s become clear that Panda will now become a part of Google’s core ranking signals. For more on Panda, click here.

Headline 2 – 60 percent of B2B Content is Unused: How to Fix It

Is your company effective at its B2B Content Marketing? Don’t sit on an empty investment. As a small business owner and/or entrepreneur, you need to know how to take advantage of content marketing – instead of wasting money on it. By re-purposing content, getting your team involved, and working with other thought leaders on content partnerships, you can create better content for your business. From Forbes.

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Tweet Longer! Twitter Will Increase Character Limit for Direct Messages

Have you heard? Twitter has made a big announcement regarding character limit in DMs: the 140 character limit will be increased, starting in July 2015.

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Express Yourself – DM Longer.

This month, Twitter staff recommends that application developers take a few actions in preparation for the longer DM text, although no one will be able to send longer DMs officially until the launch in July. If you have any further technical questions, you can contact development at @TwitterDev.

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New Email Contacts for The Social Campfire

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday from The Social Campfire!

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Our team has new contact information to share with you. Update your address books:

Contact Jessica, Founder of The Social Campfire:

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What’s Hot in Social Media – Week of April 20, 2015

What’s hot around The Social Campfire in Social Media this week?

  1. MailChimp’s analysis of over 40 million emails uncovered the 10 most effective subject lines, with a 60-87% open rate on average.
  2. Have you ever posted something regrettable on social media? Short-lived Jeb Bush CTO Ethan Czahor did, which led to his resignation and, as a result, the inception of a new app, Clear. The app connects to your social media accounts, algorithmically searches for offensive terms, and presents a report that helps you clean up your profile.
  3. NPR discusses how social media (specifically, Twitter) can help track a tornado’s path of destruction — but will false tweets and demographic challenges complicate the effort?
  4. Apple Watch is here — this review article rates the top social media apps for Apple’s new product just as it launches today.
  5. And finally, part of our Weird News edition — if you live in Granby, Quebec, Canada, you may need to watch what you say about the police on your Facebook profile. The municipality outside of Montreal is “seeking the right to issue fines ranging from $100 to $1,000” to people who insult the police department or even municipal employees on social media.

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Big Hire: Cathy Englebert CEO at Deloitte, Women Continue to Rise in Business

Waking up to some Terrific-Tuesday-worthy news via Twitter: Cathy Englebert will be named CEO of Deloitte, the first-ever female head of a Big Four Consulting and Accounting firm.

Besides the fact that the Big Four was a big part of my world a couple of years ago, I am inspired by this hiring because of the sheer difficulty for a woman thus far to attain such a prestigious position in the Big Four world. Its culture is interesting, to say the least…at times, a mirror of the fractured yet current male-driven American business culture as a whole. Despite all that, strong, very capable women in these prestigious firms and in business of all sizes across the country continue to root themselves deeply in the foundation of the American business infrastructure.

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