YouTube shows off dedicated VR app for Daydream platform — TechCrunch

Google has been slowly building virtual reality-focused functionality into the YouTube app over the past year with support for 360-degree video formats, stereoscopic video, 3D audio and general Google Cardboard support. Today, YouTube, the “world’s largest collection of VR videos,” teased a complete VR-centered design that will be coming to Daydream-enabled phones. The… Read More

via YouTube shows off dedicated VR app for Daydream platform — TechCrunch

Why Authenticity in Inbound Marketing Matters

There’s something I want you to hear me out on. First, let’s do something that hardly ever, ever happens in social marketing and make a couple of generalizations (insert friendly sarcasm here).

There are – generally speaking – two schools of thought I observe in the world of Inbound Marketing today:

School of Thought #1 – Social Media Marketing is about the numbers. The amount of likes, follows, and shares your pages have signifies your brand’s digital worth. If you can get the attention of a few people, you’ll eventually get the attention of a few more, and the sales will trickle down in this manner. Let’s call this “trickle down social media marketing”.

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