What’s Really Behind a Great Social Media Post?

There’s a stark difference between a run of the mill Facebook post or Tweet – and one that really stands out.

Ever wonder how some of your favorite big brands create such compelling social media posts?

They’ve teamed up with a sharp, creative writer. 

Indeed, a finely crafted social media post requires creativity and a command over the English language. It also requires a working knowledge of inbound marketing strategy.

While some, we assume, are good people (that was a JOKE – we’re very amateur comedians at The Social Campfire), we’re not exactly sure that these post writers have all of the requirements listed  above.  

While protecting the innocent, here are a few examples of social media posts that have gone totally wrong: 


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Don’t be an April Fool on Social Media!

Are you a Social Media April Fool? 

How about your co-worker, best friend, sibling, or parent?


Our April 2016 Social Marketing special is your chance to take the *fool* out of foolproof social media!


For the month of April only…

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