Happy New Year! Marketing News from The Social Campfire

It’s a New Year! We are excited about the new hope and possibilities that 2021 will bring. Now that we have a completely fresh calendar in play, it’s time to update you about some of our newest offerings and our best services.

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Our 2021 Services

We want you to be among the first to know about our new year marketing menu. For the year 2021, we will have Content Writing, Copywriting, Social Media Copywriting, Brand Strategy Consulting, Web Content Architecture, SEO Content Consulting, and Digital Marketing Consulting services available. We will also be available on a limited basis for press releases, print copywriting, e-Newsletters, and Ghostwriting. Please email us at social@thesocialcampfire.com for information on our fresh 2021 pricing or how we can help your business. We have limited consultation slots available for January, so contact us with your name, company name, company website, phone number, and company social media pages (if applicable) to get started.

New Marketing Partnership

We are excited to announce a new marketing partnership with Mental Health for Witches, the mental health and holistic health community for the spiritual community. We will be providing marketing consulting, writing services, and social media services to this exciting new initiative. We will also be helping to market their founder’s Reiki Distance Healing services, which we hope to tell you more about soon. Check out MHW if you are interested in the spiritualist community, and definitely let us know if you are a reiki practitioner, spiritual business professional, energy healer/reader, or anyone else in the community who may desire content writing or marketing services for our digital world. You can contact us in the same way you would for any other service (as above).

We Are Your Remote Marketing and Content Writing Business

Last year, many businesses and companies went online. We see this is as the advent of a whole new era. We are thankful that we have been a remote business since January 2015 – so we are already ready and experienced enough to serve you. If you are a marketing agency, brand, or company requiring content writing, copywriting, or marketing consulting anywhere in the country, give us a call. You can leave a voicemail for us during business hours, Eastern time, 9-5 pm. Just click for our Contact Info. We will take down your contact information and information about your business and give you a call as soon as possible You are also able to reach out to us by email or by social media. The same Contact Page above will give you everything you need to get started.

We know that the remote world can be a new landscape for many businesses, but we are comfortable with the space. We are also expert marketers, which can help take your company to a whole new level in 2021.

Our portfolio is Under Construction, as we have had a ton of new and exciting projects to share with you. We will provide you with our fresh Portfolio link this month. In the meantime, browse our website for more information about our Content Writing and Social Media services. We look forward to serving you!

5 Ways to Avoid Brand Distraction & Market Your Business Effectively

If you are feeling dizzy from a daily overdose of information, you are not alone. According to the Nielsen Total Audience Report, consumers and digital marketing specialists alike spend nearly 11 hours per day consuming media.

While ad and article fatigue are common, so is brand envy. Many executives and their social media teams fill their feed with competitors, professional lifestyle accounts, and leading entrepreneurs. The constant comparisons and pressure to perform at 110% would have anyone stressed about their strategy.

Some CEOs and their marketers think they need to be everything and do it all. However, perfection is not possible. Instead of worrying what you aren’t, start focusing on what you are. Follow these tips to block out the noise and deliver your unique brand proposition to your customers:

Tips for Showcasing Your Unique Brand & Igniting Business


Tone Down the Browsing

Commit to spending a little less time scrolling through motivational quotes and browsing others’ Facebook company pages — and more time working on your marketing strategy. Schedule a brief competitive review session once per week and record your findings. You can ask certain members of your team to do the same. Hold a monthly meeting to review insights.

Define Your Value Proposition

Clearly determine what makes your products or services better than the competition. Be sure to focus on your brand’s unique attributes without comparing them to others. Whether you offer personalized and efficient customer service or natural, healthy ingredients, it is important to succinctly illustrate and share why clients/consumers should work with you or buy from you.

Think of a few words or emotions that describe your company. Many consulting firms want to show they are trustworthy, professional, and insightful, while restaurants may prefer to appear enthused, joyful, and family-oriented.

Illustrate Value Creatively

Once you define your company’s unique attributes, it is time to show them off to current clients and potential customers. Professional services brands can share and write about news stories that pertain to their clients or advice consumers may not know about. They can also post team photos and tips to build trust and a stronger digital relationship. Healthcare practices could provide helpful information about medical conditions, tell families when to see their primary care physician and provide updates about illnesses in the news, like the flu.

Think about what you offer to customers and what they need from you. Match your strategy with beautiful, colorful images, requests for engagement, and informative knowledge guides.

Commit to Your Value

Post and engage with your audience regularly. Keep your value proposition in mind each time you schedule a post or reply to a customer. Every cover photo, infographic, and video you create should keep the uniqueness of your brand in mind. Ask yourself each week, “Am I communicating our value effectively?”


Evaluate Your Results

Stay committed to your marketing strategy by measuring the efficacy of your posts, articles, and digital ads with analytics. You can also ask customers for their feedback while offering them a creative incentive. Meet with your marketing team regularly to discuss how your branding strategy is working. Ensure this conversation is separate from your chat about the competition.

While scoping out the competition is still important, it’s important to remember that the other isn’t everything. Balance your analysis of like-minded brands with a clear and focused marketing strategy that defines who you are and what makes your company (or products) unique. This approach will help you and your team relax and focus on improving your marketing strategy and helping your customer.

Does your business need assistance with branding, content marketing, or social media strategy? We’re here to help. Call us at (321) 574-3854 or email social@thesocialcampfire.com


5 (More!) Frightening Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

If you read Part One of this two-part frightening social media mistakes series, you know there is plenty you can do to make your Halloween engagement and sales soar – and much you should avoid. Design and create a spectacular fall social media engagement plan with my tips below.

Steer Clear of These Spooky Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Avoid these common social media marketing mistakes…

Forgetting to Post Halloween Photos/Updates  social-media-marketing-orlando

This Halloween, don’t forget to post what you are doing in-office and in-store. Are you decorating your staff cubicles? Dressing up in costumes as a team? Snap a photo! Pair it with a couple lines of copy about what is happening in the picture and how your company is getting festive. Failure to post these photos on social media is a missed opportunity to engage. Don’t forget to use hashtags like #Halloween and #Halloween2017.

Sharing/Posting Too Much

Some of us absolutely love Halloween. However, there is such a thing as posting too much. Stick to one Facebook or LinkedIn post to celebrate 10/31 – and make it count. You can share a few times on Halloween if you’re on Twitter or Instagram.

Getting Too Creepy

For some businesses, there is such a thing as too creepy. Don’t forget, you and/or your social media marketing partner know your brand better than anyone. If gory Halloween graphics or frightening videos don’t sit well with your type of customers, don’t post it. For example, professional services brands may opt for a classier autumn look (think pumpkins and fall leaves), while companies catering to children may post cute or funny graphics instead (laughing pumpkins or other kids in costumes).  While Halloween is a holiday of ghouls and goblins, consider who you are sharing your posts with.

Forcing Your Posts

If you don’t have much to say about Halloween, don’t worry about it. There’s nothing worse than feigning enthusiasm or trying too hard to celebrate in your tweets. Focus on being authentic. If it’s not your favorite holiday or you don’t have much going on in the office, consider a simple “Happy Halloween” greeting with a photo of Jack o’ lanterns or a bowl of colorful candy.

Attorneys and educational brands can remind their followers to be safe and watch out for children “trick or treating”, while boutiques and consulting firms can ask their followers to tell them what they enjoy doing on Halloween or their favorite October 31 memory. While I recommend posting something that day, you don’t have to be cookie cutter. Think outside the box.

Ignoring Curation Possibilities

Strapped for time? Don’t forget curation! Your colleague may have an event going on that you want to help promote – or you may find a funny GIF you can take off GIPHY. Introduce your followers (and customers) to your brand’s favorite Halloween articles, animations, and videos by sharing them straight from Facebook or re-posting them on Instagram. There is no harm with a few RTs or mentions on Twitter, either. If you wrote a blog last Halloween or think some of your content applies to the holiday, re-post it on social media.

I want you to succeed in your fall social media marketing strategy! If you haven’t already, be sure to read my blog about avoiding 4 more social media mistakes for business. You can also follow me and The Social Campfire brand on Facebook to stay updated on the latest social media tips all year long. 

Columbus Day: Explore Blog Services With 20% Off!

Today is Columbus Day!

Founder & Chief Creative Officer Jess Dawkins is celebrating by offering you a chance to explore blog services at 20% off.


THE DEAL: Purchase one blog at regular price and receive 20% instant savings. If you’d like to purchase a 3-blog or 5-blog package – you’ll receive 20% off on already discounted rates. 

Frequently asked Blog Services questions:

What are The Social Campfire blog services? 

Jess Dawkins is an accomplished and award-winning marketer who offers expert blog and article writing services. She can write you a 300, 500, or 700+ word article or blog on anything you’d like so you can post it on your website, LinkedIn profile, and/or newsletter.

What kind of blogs and articles do you write for businesses? 

Jess has years of blog, article writing, and publishing experience. She writes content for industries like healthcare, food and beverage, lifestyle, psychology, pet/veterinarian, construction, marketing, finance, real estate, and more. She also provides ghostwritten blogs and articles, which is content made to look like your CEO wrote it (ghostwriting).

Who can take advantage of your blog and article writing services? 

She provides services on a remote basis, which means anyone in America who wants a blog or article can take advantage of them.

How much do your blogs and articles cost? 

Jess prides herself on providing custom quotes so you receive the best price for your content needs, subject, and industry.  You can, however, expect prices between $30-$150 per blog or article. Blog and article packages (3 blogs, 5 blogs, or 10 blogs) are typically discounted from the regular price. When we quote you for the Columbus Day Sale, we’ll provide you with the normal rate, plus what your 20% savings would look like.

How do I take advantage of the Columbus Day deal? 

It’s easy to take advantage of our Columbus Day deal. Remember, it only runs from today, 10/9/17 until Friday, 10/13/17. Lock your savings in today. Simply fill out the Contact Form below and Jess will call or email you back to get started.

Take Advantage of the Columbus Day Special. Simply fill out the Contact Form below & make sure to insert code COLUMBUS17 at the bottom. She’ll call or email you within 24 business hours.

OR – Call instead at (321) 574-3854 and mention the COLUMBUS DAY special! 

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Help! My Client is Toxic: A Guide for the Creative Freelancer

While most clients we encounter are pleasant, productive partners, there is a chance you will work with an individual or company without the slightest idea of how to treat other people or manage a creative, professional relationship.

Despite our best efforts (or intuition), we may take on a shiny, new account, only to kick ourselves later for agreeing to provide service. Some of us may ignore our feelings because we are excited about the project or subject matter. Others resist just saying no because they received the account as a referral.

One of the most important things for young freelancers to learn is to listen to their gut when a new potential client enters his or her world. If signing a contract proves difficult, they don’t return phone calls, cancel meetings, or talk badly about past contractors, you may want to exit before you enter.

However, if you currently have a client on board that you think is doing more harm than good for you and your business, it’s time to get real and decide if the partnership is still worth it. While a good client relationship can last for years and forge new trails in your business, a toxic one can hamper productivity, lower morale, and make projects a chore. This is not why you entered business on your own, creative aficionado, and you know it.

How do you know for sure that your client is detrimental to your freelance business – and what can you do about it? The Social Campfire explains how to evaluate the situation and improve your day to day business.

Defining a Toxic Client & Evaluating the Situation

  • First, understand the definition of a toxic client. If your problem customer fits any of the profiles outlined in this list from Hubspot, it’s time to move a step further and think about how they are affecting your business. YourStory also has a valuable list of poisonous traits to explore.
  • Face the facts. How much time are you spending each week on this client? How much do they pay you? Is there an account in the pipeline that could potentially replace them? In essence – is your relationship worth it?
  • Check in with yourself and/or your team. If your client refuses to listen, backs down on promises, won’t deliver their end of the bargain, or is repeatedly passive aggressive or disrespectful, you risk affecting morale and productivity.
  • Review your paper trail. Have you addressed problems with your client more than once? Are they all talk and no action? If you have repeatedly tried to solve challenges without their buy-in, you’re simply treading water with this client.

If you’ve decided your client is toxic, it’s time to improve your business and daily life by moving on to step two. Decide which of the following tactics will fit your situation best:

How to Handle Your Toxic Client

  1. Raise Your Rates. If you’re working on sourcing a new client or attempting to finish a project, raising your rates may be the best way to level the playing field for now. See how your client responds to the request and act accordingly. If they go for it, you have more money in your pocket and can spend more time evaluating the situation before moving to the next step.
  2. Redefine Scope. Have a candid conversation with your client and tell them that things must change. Limit your scope, redefine it, or design a new one that works for you. If they don’t follow through with the new plan or continue with scope creep, it’s time to say goodbye.
  3. Say Goodbye. If you’ve tried to improve the relationship to no avail, Inc.com says, it’s time to cut the cord. Prepare your exit strategy in a way that fits you and your business, refer them out if you can, say thank you, and enjoy your newfound freedom to take on better projects and enjoy your work again.

Remember, the most important thing is your business, productivity, and happiness. If your client is doing more harm than good, move on and find something better.

Have you ever had a toxic client? How did you handle it – and what is your advice for young freelancers entering the workforce? Comment below!


Need Social Media Training Or Education?

If you need Face to Face Social Media Training & Education in the Orlando, Florida area or seek assistance online anywhere in the United States, The Social Campfire CEO Jess Dawkins Can Help!

The Social Campfire’s Jess Dawkins now offers 1-on-1, small group, and large group Social Media Marketing training for businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Whether you are a CEO who needs to learn how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile or a small business that seeks help setting up their social media profiles and strategy, our decade of experience in social media, content, and digital marketing allows us to bring you friendly and quality education online or in person.

About Jess

Jess Dawkins is a seasoned social media marketing professional, directing, managing, and advising a variety of social media programs throughout the Central Florida area and the United States of America. As the former Director of Social Media & Content Marketing at MedTech Momentum healthcare marketing agency, a certified content educator, experienced teacher/tutor, and the owner of a powerful Social Media Marketing company, Jess is proud to offer these new services as of April 2017.

What Training Do You Offer?

  • Platform Training (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)
  • Social Media Changes & Tools Training
  • Starting Social Media for Your Business Education
  • One-on-one Social Media Learning
  • One-on-one Facebook Advertising Classes
  • “How to Create Social Media Publishing Calendar” Classes
  • “How to Create Quality Content Plans on Social Media” Classes
  • “How to Maximize Social Media for Your Business” Classes
  • Executive Assistant and Admin Training

and more!

To make an appointment for Social Media Training & Education for yourself or your business, call 321-574-3854 or email us at social@thesocialcampfire.com

Learn About LinkedIn’s Changes This Weekend in Orlando!

Are you an Administrative Professional? Mystified by LinkedIn’s most recent changes after its acquisition by Microsoft?

Have no fear! The Social Campfire Founder & CEO Jess Dawkins will explain 2017 changes and tools to LinkedIn, so every Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, and Administrative Expert can master the platform.

For complete information about Jessica’s LinkedIn presentation and the IAAP Florida Local Area Networking Event at Orlando Utilities Commission this Saturday, April 29, click here.

To inquire about having Jessica present about Social Media or Content Marketing at your next Central Florida event, send her an email.