Check Out our Site Collaboration with ClubHBHF

Yes, it’s true! We collaborated with Club HBHF and Exposure Academy on their brand new website! 🛸

As official partners of the Club, we couldn’t be happier with this project. Along with the ClubHBHF ownership team, we helped craft a multi-page web design showcasing Exposure Academy and its docuseries, ClubHBHF youth leagues like ClubHBHF Arizona and ClubHBHF Buffalo, and sponsorship opportunities that help make Exposure Academy and XA experiences possible.

When you visit the site, you’ll learn more about Club #HandleBizHaveFun and its Co-Owners Stevie and Britney Johnson. If you don’t know already, Stevie is a former NFL WR and a Buffalo Bills legend in his own right. He’s also a talented entrepreneur and creative who had a huge hand in making this website possible. Stevie and his ClubHBHF Creators make videos, vlogs, and docuseries featuring ClubHBHF athletes and initiatives, which helps us to showcase his brands even better.

Browse the site and you’ll see clips from the Exposure Academy docuseries. You may even catch a glimpse of Social Campfire CEO Jessica Dawkins on the ClubHBHF Team page. Some of the other features we have to tell you about include their ever-growing News page, the HBHF Creations hub and of course, the Marketing Resources page which connects you to us!

When you partner with or collaborate on a project with ClubHBHF, you know you’re working with a talented team of professionals, coaches, and entrepreneurs who want to make the world better for student-athletes and youth.

To learn more about ClubHBHF and Exposure Academy, visit:

Explore our website and newsletter design services for yourself. Click here.

Learn more about The Social Campfire content writing services and social media marketing services here.

Discover our marketing strategy and consulting services.

Learn about our Social Publicist services like the ones we offer ClubHBHF.

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