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Big Hire: Cathy Englebert CEO at Deloitte, Women Continue to Rise in Business

Waking up to some Terrific-Tuesday-worthy news via Twitter: Cathy Englebert will be named CEO of Deloitte, the first-ever female head of a Big Four Consulting and Accounting firm.

Besides the fact that the Big Four was a big part of my world a couple of years ago, I am inspired by this hiring because of the sheer difficulty for a woman thus far to attain such a prestigious position in the Big Four world. Its culture is interesting, to say the least…at times, a mirror of the fractured yet current male-driven American business culture as a whole. Despite all that, strong, very capable women in these prestigious firms and in business of all sizes across the country continue to root themselves deeply in the foundation of the American business infrastructure.

I see the rise of the powerful, effective woman each day, not only in my own experience, but in the women around me in my industry and community, who are leading, climbing the ladder, commanding their world. More importantly than money, though, is the creativity, ingenuity, and confidence that society’s most powerful businesswomen are exhibiting and in turn helping to encourage younger women in business.

The evolution and launch of the female digital marketing pro is in progress, will continue to skyrocket, and I’m excited for that now-essential piece of the business world to be dominated by female minds.


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